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Snow and Ice Management

Removing snow properly takes preparation, attention to detail, and knowledge. On average Des Moines and surrounding areas accumulate 30-35 inches of snow from November to April. Whitfield’s provides unique packages to accommodate all your winter needs.


We start by planning out snow placement, removal times, ice melt applications, and any other services their property might need in order to keep it nice, clear, and safe. This plan is important because it helps keep our crews safe and makes sure we allocate enough time for each snow and/or ice storm.

When a storm is approaching we switch to our 24/7 operational hours procedure. We monitor the strength, expected totals, and timing of the storm in order to deliver the highest quality of snow removal in a timely manner. We utilize trusted trade partners as well as in house operators to ensure we have enough manpower for our customers’ property. 

Attention To Detail

Removing every single snowflake that hits your property is almost impossible, but that does not stop Whitfield’s from trying our hardest to accomplish the impossible. Parking lots, ramps, doorways, steps, sidewalks etc. are all marked with snow stakes before the snow season to ensure that our crews do not miss anything. Once snow is removed we apply ice melt to help melt any residual snow and ice that may arise due to low temperatures. 


Whitfield’s has over 20+ years of experience in the snow removal business! Our customer profile ranges from single family home owners to large commercial warehouses. When it comes to snow removal we are Central Iowas #1 provider.

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