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About Us

The Start

In 1997, Randy Whitfield was afforded the opportunity to go to school for Horticulture. In 1999 he received his first degree in Landscape Management and in 2000 he received his second degree in Greenhouse Specialist. His goal was to take advantage of his knowledge and achieve financial independence for his family, by operating a family owned company. On July 25, 2002 he registered Whitfield’s Lawn and Garden Specialists with the State of Iowa for six dollars. 

Randy started with a 1994 Dodge Caravan loaded with a 20 inch push lawn mower, a few hand tools, a cell phone (we still use the same number today), and business cards that were printed off his home Gateway Desktop Computer. After getting a few jobs lined up Randy made his first few hires which included his wife Catherine Whitfield, his son Randy Whitfield, II 18 years old, daughter RaeLynn Whitfield, 17 years old, son Christopher Whitfield, 13 years old, son Catum Whitfield, 11 years old, nephews Kanin Pierce, 11 years old and DeShawn Pierce, 10 years old.


Today the business has been growing for over 20 years and is now run and managed by Randy’s children, RaeLynn, Christopher, and Catum Sr. We pride ourselves with providing high quality landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal throughout Des Moines and surrounding areas. Instead of the minivan we now utilize a fleet of trucks, trailers, skid loaders, excavators and other modern day equipment to get the job done. Randy’s goal of providing for his family has extended to employing more than 15 team members who can also provide for their own family. This company has been blessed and as the person who had the vision to believe he could make this happen, Randy looks forward to the future of Whitfield’s.

Core Values

Specializing in Growth
Attention to Detail
Building Relationships That Matter